Frequently Asked Questions

1. I sell Products online. Will B&G assure me I will not experience an Authenticity Challenge?
Online Channel “Authenticity Challenge Policies” are modified frequently. Our merchandise is authentic, but we can no longer assure your listings will be deemed “authentic” by any of the Online Sales Channels. Please complete your due diligence when considering each item and understand you are buying at your risk.

2. Do we still get terms if we order online instead of through our salesperson?
Yes, any existing terms your company may have with us are used for your order.

3. Is there a minimum order value when ordering online?
Yes, our minimum dollar per order still applies.

4. I do not see the item I want on your site, is it sold out?
It may be sold out, but it may just not be up on the website for one reason or another.  If you are looking for something specific or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your salesperson.

5. Can I pay with a Credit Card online when I check out?
No, currently we are not taking CC payments online.  This does not mean you cannot pay by credit card. Our accounting department will contact you for the credit card information.

6. Will you notify us of shipping charges before shipping?
Our shipping department will follow the same instructions as they have in the past.  Whatever method you use, we will not ship without properly notifying you.

7. When I logon to my account I see some old or improper shipping/contact information, how can I change it?
Give your salesperson a call and we can update the information for you.  If you're unsure who your salesperson is, just call our main office and we'll help you with whatever you may need.

8. Wondering what MBSW means?
Must Be Sold With – This is an indicator so that you are aware another item needs to be entered on your order, which comes in multiple boxes that is under a separate item number. Since our B&G numbers are always 6 digits plus, we usually reference a 3 digit plus number and the first three digits not reference start with the same digits as the item you entered originally. 

Example: Original item entered 101746 states MBSW “747” – you should enter a second item on your order for 101747; ordering equal quantity as original item ordered.

9. Wondering if I can start an order and come back to it later – will it save my items?
Yes, but it is highly recommended that you continue it from the same computer as what you started it at to avoid any problems. You can then add items to your cart and save your order and pick-up where you left off, within a 24-hour period. Please note some items may be sold out and will automatically delete out of your cart. Note: No orders will allocate any product until you go through the whole check out order process.